In celebration of International Women's Day, we present “Avyanna”, an exhibition showcasing the art, sculpture, and installations of women artists exclusively. This exhibition showcased the brilliant works of eight talented women artists, each bringing a unique perspective and skill to the forefront. As the name suggests, “Avyanna” translates to strength, power, and beauty of woman, mirroring the essence of what today’s women epitomize. 

The show was curated by the renowned artist and curator Mr. M.G. Doddamani and presented by 'Oorja'. Oorja is an art collective of well-known artists in India, that support causes and donations to charitable institutions. In keeping with this objective, a collective artwork of the eight participating artists and M.G Doddamani, was put up for auction. The sale proceeds from this artwork was donated to Karunashraya, a joint project of the Indian cancer society and the Rotary Club of Bangalore - Indira Nagar, under the Bangalore Hospice Trust. Karunashraya provides free palliative care to advanced stage cancer patients who are beyond treatment and need special care.