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About Oorja

Oorja, meaning Energy in Sanskrit, is the life force that vitalises body and mind, which converts thoughts to actions, words to wisdom, and keenness to consciousness. We believe that true art can be the force or energy that makes us involve in social causes, build hopefulness, spread kindness, share happiness, and express gratitude, along with achieving our creative endeavours. 

Oorja is the defining expression of the human spirit; the energy or lifeforce that inspires and unifies us to reach out through creative expressions; be it through art, social action or community outreach, thus creatively building better communities.

We believe that art can be a prime force of energy that can create awareness on social causes, build hopefulness and often move you to action. Our artworks revolve around an array of colourful subjects inspired from the society at large and the life surrounding the artists that are symbolic of their views and perspectives.

Oorja is a group of senior and upcoming artists who came together to use their talent and unified energy to stimulate community improvement through creative expressions. We use art as a solution to help address any critical need of the community.

Beautiful art can elicit movement for a cause, or so we hope.

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